All-Anime Memorial Day Special Mystery Box - (05.27.24)

Protect your collectibles

Memorial Day Savings! Low cost chance at top pulls with great odds!

1 Box = 1 Anime Mystery Pop!

Low risk, max rewards! This box is packed with a variety of anime exclusives, convention exclusives, and common Anime Pops from the biggest licenses - One Piece, Naruto, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen and more!

Tops pulls are below!  We’ve included good odds at scoring grails for the cost of a regular Pop! Top pulls pack a punch at this price! Purchasing this box does not guarantee a grail. Most boxes will contain either a common or exclusive Anime Pop.


  • 1 x Shanks Poster (C2E2 Exclusive Con Sticker)
  • 1 x Caesar Clown (C2E2 Exclusive Con Sticker)
  • 4 x Shanks Poster (Shared Exclusive Sticker)
  • 2 x Samurai Brook (Metallic Chase) Funko Shop Exclusive
  • 2 x Armored Chopper (Metallic Chase) Funko Shop Exclusive
  • 2 x Armored Luffy (Metallic Chase) Funko Shop Exclusive
  • 6 x Muichiro Tokito (FunKon 2022 Shared Sticker)
  • 24 x Dracule Mihawk (Funko Shop Exclusive Sticker)
  • 12 x Zoro 'Nothing Happened' (Hot Topic Exclusive Sticker) (UV Glow Belt)
  • 2 x Ultra Instinct Goku (NYCC 2023 Con Sticker)
  • 2 x Hidan (Chase)
  • 2 x Tengen (Chase)
  • 4 x Luffy Gear 5 (Chase) Glow
  • ... a selection of other Exclusives, Chases and Con Exclusives!
    • 1 Box = 1 guaranteed Anime Funko Pop

    This is an all-anime mystery box. All top pulls will include either a protector or a Hard Stack for the rarest pulls. This is not a guaranteed value mystery box. Keep in mind purchasing this box does not guarantee you will pull a grail, and the combined value of the exclusives you pull could range from $10 to $300+. By purchasing this box, you acknowledge these terms and odds.

    • 1 Box = 1 guaranteed Anime Funko Pop

    This box ships within one week!

    You may not order mystery boxes with any other items, as all mystery boxes will be pre-packed. We reserve the right to cancel orders that contain additional non-mystery-box items.

    All sales are final. No returns, exchanges, or order cancellations. Route Package Protection is encouraged as Product Sage Collectibles is not liable in case of damaged or lost shipments.
    This item is excluded from all promotions and discounts.



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